Help for those in debt – an offer worth using! – Debt Consolidation

It is no accident that the abbreviation BIK is so badly associated with many Polish families who want to incur even a small liability in the bank. This applies especially to those who do not have a good history in the Credit Information Bureau. How to help such people? Is it possible to help those in debt with BIK?

Assistance to those in debt in BIK – a non-bank loan


A non-bank loan is probably the most popular method of bypassing verification by BIK. This results from the applicable legal regulations, according to which companies granting such loans do not have to comply with the regulations imposed on banks. One of them is the obligation of the bank to adapt (when issuing a credit decision) to the opinion of the Credit Information Bureau.

If it is unfavorable. The customer – who needs money after all – simply won’t get it. It is worth noting that the conditions that BIK uses are often calculated “exaggerated” to maintain maximum creditor security.

Loan companies – facts and myths

Loan companies - facts and myths

Loan companies are not banks and the mere use of their services has a number of advantages:

  • Flexibility – The company’s client may (if he has such capacity) incur a liability for any amount and for any period of time. Banks do not operate in this way.
  • Additional services – the borrower can count on a number of facilities that a bank customer cannot use. Speech here min. on the possibility of paying the installment in your own home, Internet service etc.
  • Money always and everywhere – help for indebted persons in BIK is not limited to working days only. Reliable customers with a positive loan history can count on funds even on weekends.
  • Promotions – unlike loans, zero-percent loans really exist. Everyone can use them, including those who want to build a favorable loan history in a given company and continue using its services.

What to know when taking a loan

What to know when taking a loan

When making decisions on such a loan, however, you should not forget about the right choice of products so as not to cause additional financial problems. First of all, it is worth checking the amount of APRC, so that you will be aware of its full costs. Consolidation loans are also helpful for people in debt in BIK. They make it possible to combine all obligations into one. As a result, the repayment terms are much more favorable.

To sum up, a non-bank loan is the only real help for those in debt in BIK.