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The Veterans' Memorial Described

The Veterans' Memorial visit experience begins the moment one steps through the bronze eagle crested entry way and stands before the larger than life bronze group statue, "Defenders of Liberty".

Continuing down the "Walk of Honor" reminds the visitor of the thousands of veterans whose names are inscribed in the bricks that make up the walls. There is space for 8000 bricks along the Walk of Honor. To date, 5400 bricks have been donated to honor veterans from 43 states and 160 towns in Nebraska.

The six bronze statues on either side of the walkway depict the honorable military service of men and women during the Twentieth Century. The bronze statues are by artist, Ted Long, Korean War veteran, North Platte; and Sandra L. Johnson, Cambridge..

The "Walk of Honor" passes by the unfurled United States flag into the hallowed "Place of Meditation". This beautiful area displays the 5294 names of Veterans from Nebraska who sacrificed their lives during Twentieth Century conflicts.

The south wall of the Memorial is a stunning fifteen feet by forty feet brick bas-relief mural by Images in Brick of Denton, Nebraska. It reflects the struggle to preserve peace and freedom during the five major conflicts of the Twentieth Century.

A special area on the east side of the Veterans' Memorial is dedicated to those great people from the greater Mid-Nebraska area who provided the Canteen at the North Platte Depot during World War II.

One Hundred Years of Heroes

The Memorial Monument highlights:

  • All of the men and women who served before and during the Twentieth Century and those who serve now.
  • Each branch of the armed forces of the United States.
  • a graphic depiction of all of the armed conflicts of the Twentieth Century.
  • A very special commemoration of those men and women from the Nebraska area who gave their lives for the winning of peace and the maintaining of peace during this highlighted Twentieth Century.
  • A fitting recognition of those wonderful people who developed and served the Canteen that encouraged more than six million milirary men and woemn as they passed through North Platte on troop trains during World War II.

One Hundred Years of Peace Keepers

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